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Bonus - We Stole The Batmobile! 

Okay so I didn’t actually steal the Batmobile… but I woulda. 

Pokemon Camel Toe?! 

Our first Episode of our video podcast, Villains of YouTube! 

Just got this corner “show ready” for the #VillainsofYouTube #webshow.

The Villains of YouTube Intro 

This is the opening video for our weekly Vodcast show where we talk shit about things we hate and praise the things that we don’t.

Went to Venice and finally got to see these amazing people up close and personal! #venicebeachfreakshow

Satan repairs.

Satan is finally horny. #satanmakesthree #satan #puppets #muppets #webshow

Badass #satan horns made custom by a friend of mine who fabricates props. Can’t wait to install these! It’s so great be able to have custom horns for my custom puppet! #satanmakesthree #puppets

"Ely, your Satan is fired!" #monsterpalooza (at Monsterpalooza)

Demented Joker at #monsterpalooza! (at Monsterpalooza)

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